This website is the comprehensive source for those interested in making charitable contributions with cryptocurrency. Here, you’ll find a list of Canadian charities that accept cryptocurrency, details for charities considering accepting such donations, and some extra information or details to consider.

More and more charitable organizations are beginning to accept donations of various cryptocurrencies. Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the many others, they are responding to a demand to give from the cryptocurrency community.

There are many reasons for this. For donors, the increase in value of cryptocurrencies has meant a financial gain that some want to share with causes that matter to them. For charities, it means being able to accept contributions in a format most convenient for the donor.



Project Give Back


If we give children the proper tools and guidance, they can achieve the impossible. Project Give Back is a passion based program designed for elementary students to develop empathy, build character, and ignite community minded citizens. It’s amazing what can happen when children have passion, belief in themselves and a feeling of accomplishment.


Pathways to Education Canada


Helping youth living in low-income communities to graduate from high school and realize their full potential.


Chebucto Community Net


Halifax, Nova Scotia's non-profit, volunteer-based internet provider since 1994


Dignitas International


AIDS/HIV research and treatment clinics in Africa.


War Child


Provides access to education to child in war regions


OpenBSD Foundation


Supports development, advancement, and maintenance of free software based on the OpenBSD operating system


Giv3 Foundation


Promotes the idea of having a Giving Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Last Door


Drug and alcohol treatment centre.


Adaptive Canuck


Supporting ALS adult stem cell research.


Canadian Red Cross


The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.


Sinai Health Foundation


The Sinai Health Foundation raises and stewards funds to support Sinai Health System comprised of Mount Sinai Hospital, Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Health Complex; Bridgepoint Active Healthcare; Circle of Care; and the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute is not affiliated with the above charities. Information is provided for reference purposes.

Cryptocurrency donations and Income Taxes



Many charities in Canada that accept donations of cryptocurrencies also provide tax receipts for charitable donations, meaning that you can claim the deduction on your income taxes.

However, cryptocurrencies are still a relatively young technology and investment vehicle and regulations surrounding their use and donation have not kept pace with changes in technology. This is particularly true with how the Canada Revenue Agency treats capital gains on charitable donations of cryptocurrency.

Presently, charitable cryptocurrency donations receive none of the favourable capital gains treatment that other donations of assets receive, such as traditional securities, like stocks. These securities are exempted from capital gains when given to charities. This incentivizes the direct donation of securities, which ultimately means larger donations to worthwhile causes.

Cryptocurrency donations are not similarly exempted. This means that donors are responsible for paying any capital gains taxes associated with the donation. Given the interest in charitable giving of cryptocurrency, it is important that Canada update charitable giving rules to treat cryptocurrency donations equivalently to charitable gifts of other investments. The public policy aim – to encourage giving – is the same for both.

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